With his mind full of ideal, Réjean jump and founded his company in 2009 in order to create new products made of fiberglass. His first success: trailers, a product he created himself.

In his first year of operation, he won the CRÉAVENIR Desjardins and CYBF (Canadian Young Entrepreneurship Fund) competitions in succession.

Subsequently, he naturally specialized in the manufacture of balconies and steps made of fiberglass in response to high demand. Since then, balconies represent the majority of its production and ensure the growth of its business.

At the start, Mr. Tassé had to accommodate a space of only 800 square feet. Today, he and his team are well installed in 3000 square feet factory. It can thus accept any major project.

Its next goal, become suppliers for retailers.

Manufacturer and wholesaler

To date, the company Les balcon Fibox have different clienteles both commercial and residential. In addition, the organization serves a large territory from Montreal to the center of Quebec.

Quality First

The important thing for Mr. Tassé, who has accumulated 18 years of experience in the manufacture of fiberglass parts, it is the quality, durability and aesthetics. And nothing will change the idea about it.

Therefore, it only uses premium materials in the manufacture of fiberglass as the certified AOC resin and plywood ¾ “BCFP (British Columbia Forest Products) which contains only 5% moisture.

Moreover, the effectiveness of Mr. Tassé and her team reduces production time and allows us to offer more timely than the industry average.

Satisfied custumers since the beginning

This is also for these reasons that since the beginning, the new customer reaches him only by reference.